Do you wish to get away from daily problems and worrys?


Do you wish to relax in clean, healthy part of Gorenjska, with lots of sport activities in summer and winter?


Wake up in oasis of peace and natural beauty and experience unforgetable evenings with good food and slovenian wines.


Only a few minutes walk away from Bled, there is the village RIBNO, so much overshadowed by the fasionable glamour of Bled that, unjustifiable as it is, there is more ofen than not overlooked or only poorly explored. Unjustifiable it is, because the only reason for this is that the peace, quiet and tranquility

so typical of these pleaces are only too easily drowned by tha hurly-burly of the nearby centre. The moutain ridges of the Julian Alps and Karavanke Moutains. normally hold back the cold winds blowing from the north, and so foggy mornings are unheard of here in summer. Situated on the edge of the village, there is Ribno hotel, whit a marvellous panoramic view of the Sava Bohinjka valley. Quite freguently, strollers can be seen crossing the nearby bridge and taking the pathway to the Talež hunting lodge, which offers a nice view of Bled whit its surroundings, and the Karavanke Moutains.

Almost every day you can see fishermans flyfishing in Sava Bohinjka and you can meet mushroom pickers in the forest.


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